CEO Message




Nothing is more important to us than having the trust of our customers. In our business, deals are often made with a handshake and a nod, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.
We are constantly talking to our customers to better gauge their needs so we can plan and optimise our service accordingly.
Our officers not only receive the best training in the Service , they are also instilled in our company culture of establishing close customer relationships. We want our customers to sleep easy, safe in the knowledge that their offshore operation is in the best possible hands.

Our People

The secret behind our success
The reason we can call ourselves the market leader in our services is first and foremost our talented employees. We are more than 5016 employees representing over 30 nationalities across the globe, but we operate as one company when we deliver outstanding General services.
Both offshore and onshore, El Ali Supply Service has always been driven by a strong team spirit. We have a flat hierarchy with a short chain of command, and we are confident we can rely on each other to always strive to do our best.