Logistical& Services division backgrounds

 Just like other sectors of EL ALI GROUP OF COMPANIES LIMITED, logistics has been making great strides and we are humbled to share this headway with our well-regarded old clients and the new ones. This sector came into being early 2000 after we felt there was pressing and urgent need to quench the logistics services thirst of numerous local and international organizations. From there, it just took off and became one of the leading logistical service providers of its own. From its establishment date to this day, the sector has remained top logistical service provider to many local contractors. Under this mandate of supplying under some international NGOs, the sector has been able to deliver food and non-food items from the point of production to the point consumption/ WFPs warehouses in Mogadishu and other regions in Somalia. In so doing, it has earned itself and the entire EL ALI GROUP OF COMPANIES LIMITED good reputation.


Business Type:          Trading Company


Business Range:         Service, Transportation


Main Products:          Logistics , Freight Fowarding , Platform


Foundation                2002  in Somalia

Management             Ridwaan

Branches                  Jubba land , konfogalbeed, hirshabelle , Budlan, Somalia land ,

Managed Area       105.000 m2

Line of Business     National and international logistics, forwarding- and trucking company, providing a variety of services like warehouse, production-related services and commissioning.

Staff           400 employees, including freelancers, and auxiliaries

Vehicle Fleet       90 company-owned vehicles, a fixed contingent of about 40 common carriers, tractor units rigid trucks with trailer, hydraulic lift trucks with HAZMAT kit, truck-mounted forklifts, and transport permits according to § 49 par. 1, § 50 par. 2 No. 1 KrW-/AbfG.

Partners        ONLINE Systeml

ogistik, CTL Cargo Trans Logistik AG, ELVIS Teilladungssystem GmbH, Kombiverkehr, and a wide variety of partners for regional operations.

Corporate Concept

Our customers benefit from a keen combination of logistics- and forwarding services, including a clear, fast, and flexible execution achieved by simplifying the process chain and minimizing the number of involved parties.

We support our customers in every step of the supply chain, from consulting, concept developing, cost comparison method, project planning to the realization of all mutual set goals. Many of such complex logistics concepts have already been implemented in the past. These include the management of a consignment warehouse, final ware processing, complete dispatch area processing with a direct link to production and high-bay storage. All goods are commissioned for dispatch and are delivered dead on time. We take over many tasks that are normally the core competence of our client. All logistics projects are linked to the customer-specific electronic data processing system to ensure permanent and transparent flow of information.

This kind of execution improves all business processes, increases productivity and quality, facilitates administration, and reduces costs. All in all, our customer´s competitive ability is significantly raised.


from A to Z

Administration, Assignment-Call-Center

Commissioning, Conception


Disposal Logistics, Disposition

Information Logistics


Maintenance Logistics

Outbound Logistics

Procurement Logistics

Production Logistics, Production-related Services

Project Planning, Sales Organization

Spare Parts Logistics

Supply Chain Logistics, Supply Chain Management

Tracking & Tracing

Transport Logistics

Warehouse Logistics, Warehouse Management

Short Description of our Logistics Services

El Ali -Logistic offers procurement, warehouse, production, transport, spare parts, outbound and disposal logistics services, customized to the needs of our customers and their whole supply chain.

El Ali -Logistics’ field of activity begins at the end of the production process with production-related services and ends with the delivery to the recipient. All steps between these like warehousing, commissioning, production-related services, and administration are included. We also handle procurement logistics, parts of the supply management based on framework contracts with the suppliers, spareparts distribution for service technicians all over Europe. as well as elements of disposal logistics.


„Customer-oriented and cost-effective provision“

The right product

At the right time

At the right price

At the right place

In the right quantity

In the right quality


El Ali -Logistics more and more involves itself in the order processing of its customers to generate cost,  time and labor benefits. For example, all orders can be taken by our assignment-call-center via phone,fax, email, and Internet.


El Ali -Logistic Web-Order

Our web-order system manages all transportation movements from dispatch to handover. The ERPsystem can generate a link that provides all necessary information to answer, for instance, a request for a delivery or transport status update.


This tool processes and monitors transport orders outside of the ERP-system. Especially the supplier´s transport applications can be monitored by the customer.

Tracking & Tracing

Wholesale shipment tracking is getting more and more important. Our online tracking and tracing toll provides you with up-to-date information about the delivery status and a complete shipment history.

This way, you can follow your order in detail with the help of, for example, a transport ID, a shipping or delivery status.

Shipment Documents

Our Electronic POD (Proof of Delivery) provides you with online access to all your order´s shipment documents. The electronic shipment data is completed by a signature and the name of the consignee in block letters.

Transport Logistics

Our logistics products – the network of all transport carriers – and our electronically controlled services guarantee a smooth execution. Your goods will reach their destination without incident and you will be able to follow them every step of the way.

Procurement Logistics

Procurement logistics deals with all logistic tasks concerning the flow of good´s preparation, execution, and monitoring from supplier to recipient. Depending on the agreed incoterms, the range of control can cover the whole process, from delivery of products to receipt and acceptance of goods, product testing, initial warehousing, and internal transport to the place of consumption. All connected planning, controlling, and monitoring issues are covered, too.

Outbound Logistics

Outbound logistics is the last part of the supply chain ensuring the delivery of the finished ware to the various markets. For a joint success, meeting the agreed conditions like lead time, reliability, and quality, is essential. Therefore the logistics costs should be transparent and calculable at all times without sacrificing quality.

Air- and Sea Freight

Air Freight

Service options for air freight:

 import- and export service

 customs declarations and settlement of all clearance formalities

 door to door / door to airport / airport to airport / airport to door

(from and to every location worldwide)

 express- or economy conditions


Sea freight

Cargo transportation by sea is today´s most economical way of hauling intercontinental wares all over the globe.

El Ali -Logistic offers its customers a complete sea freight procedure through an international network and with local contact services. We transport your wares from every place on earth to the consumer, including settlement of all clearance formalities and, if necessary, unloading of the containers at one of your branches.


We optimize your stocks with you and create new opportunities.

We raise the quality of your logistics and coordinate your demands in the supply chain.

Our flexible multi-user-warehouses offer economic conditions and effective use of storage capacity, even for complex demands like dedicated warehouses.

Our standardized processes and state-of-the-art-IT-systems can be customized to the needs of our partners.

This guarantees effective warehousing and the realization of all desired goals.

We integrate several warehousing services like procurement- and outbound logistics, and offer a variety of commissioning  procedures and storage strategies (e.g. FIFO) Individual requests are processed manually or automatically.

These value added services facilitate a consistent complete solution. We service all enterprise sizes and offer optimal solutions for everything from simple storage to fully automated high-bay warehouses.

Logistic Consulting

In order to stay competitive an effective supply chain, which adapts the flow of goods and distribution to the ever changing conditions is essential.

El Ali -Logistic analyzes your specific need and offers a customized concept that will shape and optimize the logistic services needed. This will result in a clear budget calculation and an effective service for you.

Our services include:

 molding your needs into definite projects

 support for planning and adjustment of your in-house IT

 constant control of key performance indicators (KPI)

 systematic quality control