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Human & Livestock

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El-Ali Livestock was established in 2010 and is the largest privately owned stock and station firm in the Somalia. The acceptance of El-Ali Livestock by the Somalia farming community has been extremely humbling and we are very grateful to the thousands of clients who have entrusted their business with us. The company has in excess 40 staff with specialized agents across all areas of the livestock industry, including sheep, beef, d a i r y , d e e r a n d s t u d s t o c k .

Having a strong network of agents across the Somalia with contacts in the Somalia gives El-Al Livestock the ability to shift store stock when certain areas are faced with adverse climatic conditions. The company also has strong affiliations with major meat processors for the p r o c u r e m e n t o f a l l p r i m e s t o c k . El-Al i Livestock is also able to provide auctioneering, valuations, clearing sales and finance for livestock trading, capital stock purchases or bridging loans.


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Education And Research

Assist and re-establishing, sustaining Livestock education and research centers in the region.


Co-operate with international, national, regional and local communities in the sustainable developments of Somali Livestock, and conservation of the natural resources.