Textile and Clothing

Textile and Clothing


El-Ali textile and Clothing Company is involved in all kinds of high quality clothes from different international marks and styles. El-Ali Clothing Co. is an aspiring clothing company based in Mogadishu, Somalia established in 2009. We are a company overseas making big movements for all the Somalia and African people around the world.

El-Ali Clothing Co. is yours to cherish and treasure. It is yours to experience for the rest of your life. Use it to express your individuality as a proud Somalia. Help us educate our youth around the world about our rich culture & history and bring them closer to our heritage. Use FCS as an instrument to educate your children that were born overseas who haven’t h a d t h e c h a n c e t o e x p e r i e n c e t h e S o m a l i a History classroom setting. Let it be the fires that spark their hearts and may they one day find the great sense of nationalism of the Somalia People. May we bring peace and unity among our people worldwide.


Email Address: clothes@elaligroup.com

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