Waste Management

Waste Management


El Ali WMCS has a range of international clients that have operations in South Africa, and is well placed to offer advanced technical solutions that have been thoroughly researched elsewhere in the world. We are thus better placed to benefit from the growing tendency of industrial companies all over the world to out source their non-core activities. Many large industrial companies (some of which have international connections) are discovering the importance of being proactive
in managing their environmental footprint. This, together with the pending carbon emission tax, has put us in a very strong position to add value to the services that we provide to our clients.


Email Address: waste@elaligroup.com

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Human Resource

Our people are the business. Our key strategy is to develop and train our staff to enable them to elevate their skills and grow with the company.


The company’s main objective is to improve the Environmental Sanitation and clean areas, through garbage collection,
waste management, community awareness in public health and waste management sessions.


We are one of the fastest growing environmental services organizations in Somalia , providing a full range of waste collection services to commercial and industrial customers in Somalia . All vehicles are tracked live for maximum efficiency and traceability.
Specialist vehicles allow for cost effective collection of compactable waste dense wastes (skips), bulk wastes (hook lift) and liquids

Cleaning Services

WMCS offers proven experience in environmental, industrial cleaning and maintenance solutions. We are committed to safety excellence standard for all aspects of the business is proof of this. For highly specialized projects such as dam dredging WMCS is able to draw on global experience and best available technology to provide a service of international standards.


1. Environmental sanitation and hygiene promotion
2. Waste Management services in public and privates ways
3. Provide Transportation services of garbage to the allocated site.
4. Dislodging the full pit of latrines
5. Public health awareness.
6. Cutting trees to protect for insects. Etc.
7. Rehabilitation of roads and feeder roads.
8. Excavation of garbage pit and distribution of Garbage tanks.
9. City decoration.