General Trading

El Ali general trading & services company
Mogadishu, Somalia


El Ali General Trading and Services Company is involved in all kinds of import and export. It looks for creating and discovering new markets and new customers anytime.


The current activities are:

  • Exporting row livestock meat from Mogadishu to Global market
  • Exporting of livestock such as camel, cow and goat from Somalia to All over the world
  • Importing cement from more than 48 countries to Somalia
  • Importing of all kinds of soft drinks, and other cereal products such as rice, pasta, sugar, all the kind of clothes and textile such as carbonate wheat etc
  • Importing of different types of fuels
  • Providing logistic services, such as food supply to hospitals, airplanes, processing hospital works and other national and international organizations
  • And other many other services



Logistical division backgrounds

Just like other sectors of EL ALI GROUP OF COMPANIES LIMITED, logistics has been making great strides and we are humbled to share this headway with our well-regarded old clients and the new ones. This sector came into being early 2000 after we felt there was pressing and urgent need to quench the logistics services thirst of numerous local and international organizations. From there, it just took off and became one of the leading logistical service providers of its own. From its establishment date to this day, the sector has remained top logistical service provider to many local contractors. Under this mandate of supplying under some international NGOs, the sector has been able to deliver food and non-food items from the point of production to the point consumption/ XXXXX warehouses in Mogadishu and other regions in Somalia. In so doing, it has earned itself and the entire EL ALI GROUP OF COMPANIES LIMITED good reputation.

  • Visions and missions statement Vision statement

    To build the infrastructure required to allow customers to outsource all their logistical and transportation needs domestically, internationally and globally.

    Mission statement

    To provide superior service through clear, concise two-way communication. The goal is to build relationships through our flexibility to meet our customers changing needs; we will show through our experience and knowledge of transportation that you are working with the very best in third party logistics.

El Ali General Trading and Services Company, is involved in all kinds of import and export. It looks for creating and discovering new markets and new customers anytime.

International freight forwarding To bridge the complex, competitive divide between the deliveries of products, from source to end-destination, for quick sale thereof, requires extensive experience and specialist knowledge that ensure that logistics and all commercial and statutory documentation satisfy international trade requirements.

As a freight forwarder, El Ali is an expert and experienced “know-how” partner in commercial matters, modes of transport import and export processes and regulations, as well as the most effective route planner from supplier to delivery destination.

This service is provided from a single service point and executed and supported by specialized and dedicated teams and staff that ensure your peace of mind.

LARGEST CONTAINER CARGO HANDLING COMPANY IN SOMALIA. Air freight Airfreight remains the premium form of transport when the requirement is for rapid international delivery, exact arrival times for order fulfillment and product availability, just-in-time inventory (JIT) management, and products with limited life.

With vast experience in the entire air cargo industry, El Ali ensures space availability when you need it most. We are a reputable credit worthy company with accounts at all airlines. Freight chartering is another area of expertise that we are well experienced in.

Our specialist air freight team satisfies clients who require the transport of perishable products as well as general cargo. Road freight Road freight provides flexible regional transport, with expert skills in crossing border procedures, type of product and priority shipment handled.

This is for individual or consolidation loads in perishable produce as well as general cargo. Our own fleet enables us to control schedules and delivery priorities that we commit to. Leading international partners enable us to provide similar service levels in the region if required.

Our local dedicated fleet of vehicles is all equipped and designed for specialist application, therefore ensuring that we provide superior service levels and quick, accurate delivery.

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