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The Global Leader in Logistics, best-in-class customer service & Device Lifecycle Services

Elaligroup is a top global provider of transportation and logistics services, with a highly integrated network of people, technology and physical assets.


After the collapse of the former Somali central government in 1991, all the social services providing institutions that delivered basic social services & goods to the people; be it private or government-owned also went down suit. Most of the people, particularly women and children flee into the neighboring countries such Kenya, Ethiopia, and Uganda in search of the sanctuary while a thousand others, particularly youth risked their precious lives drowning in deep seas in pursuit of better life and security. There was a pressing need to bridge the gap of those fallen institutions and restore hope and normality to the people through the provision of services & goods such as reconstruction and rebuilding, transportation, air shipping, sea shipping, clothing,
housing, feeding, generating sustainable income for those youth at risk, creating lifeline/employment for the local professionals such as engineers, doctors, nurses, teachers, improving health and health facilities, health institutions, water, sanitation, hygiene, facilitate travel and tour among others thus EAG successful businessmen decided to pull resources together and save lives as well make life easy by providing those badly needed services and goods at the peoples’ threshold.

Core competencies of EAG

EAG enjoys some core competencies which may not be found in other companies. The group identifies the following core competencies after reviewing its results and performance.
EAG believes that each of these competencies collectively contributing to achieving its goals, objectives, and values.

  • Dynamic and functional managers
  • Pioneering role in popularizing trendsetting activities on quality services and commodity.
  • Networking with linked minded another group of companies nationally and globally in the business sector

Management of EAG

EAG is governed by a council of 21 members of whom one is the founder member.
The director of EAG is the current official managing director. The council plays a pivot role in formulating policies and preparing operational guidelines for the companies.
The director is responsible for the overall management including planning, processing programs, financing, and administration.
The director is supported by a deputy director who helps to coordinate all activities of the units through the program manager and other staff members.
The staff members are countable to the deputy director through the line managers/suppliers programs are implemented by the staff members through 4 different units under the guidance and supervision of the deputy director

The capacity of EAG
EAG has a large-good capacity in the scope of its activities.
It has an asset capital of about twenty million U.S dollars ($00XXXX million USD)
It has a long experience “about” 18 years in the field which enables it to do huge tasks such as

  • Hospital rehabilitation, road rehabilitation, Housekeeping
  • Logistics Services
  • Waste Management
  • Ground Handling Services
  • Agriculture
  • Construction Services
  • Travel and Cargo
  • Fishery & seafood service
  • Suppliers Manpower
  • Drugs and medical equipment
  • Water Tracking
  • Profusion of Printing
  • Rent Car Services
  • Livestock’s
  • Security Services
  • Electronic. Furniture & Office Supplies
  • Textile and readymade clothes
  • Profusion of hygiene
  • Apartments Services etc.
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