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EAG LOGISTICS .  has a capable and qualified Logistics Team who are well trained for the Logistics Issues, they are adopted with Procurement and Logistics Manual which has developed for the Company to follow as a rule of guidance.

For such reference Project; Salaamaat will have three main core issues for the Logistics as required due to the TOR referred with this attached documents.

  1. Supply (Expeditious Delivery of Products).

EALCO Will  post paid attention to put in place schedule of requirements of products and needy materials for the product in two main phases, Weekly for any urgent requested services which will be specified in the weekly management coordination meeting on each Thursday and this will be committed to deliver products/materials on Saturday, the second phase will be based on Monthly which only be used for the fixed requested products, this will include the general products for the provision of services.

To avoid delays this specific Weekly schedule are to maintain with the Logistic Officer/Logistics Assistant and approved from the Administration/finance Office immediate settle of the product, also, we suppose to use Vehicles and Trucks for the company which will stand all time.

Detailed procedure outlining the control of materials and equipment; procedures shall include proposed methods for transportation, receipt, storage, and delivery of materials and supplies. A description of documentation procedures are annexed with the Logistics Plan.


EAG Will use Procurement/Logistics standard documents for the definition of the product systems, materials manufactured units, equipments, components and any other accessories such as; Procurement Requisition Form, Request Quotation form, [1] Purchase Orders, and all these documents will kept as track record for internal and external audit.

Rather than the logistics team will identify location wise and periodically the  master list of all materials, general supplies and equipment, including consumables, required to successfully perform the necessary tasks under the contract, but these materials can be clearly identify during the work perform. .

Master List of materials shall clearly identify major and critical products proposed for use, with name of manufacturer, trade name, and model number of each product. Critical materials are those with long lead items.

  1. Delivery, Handling and Storage of materials

EAG will provide all tools; equipment and personnel at the site in advance due to award of Contract, all delivered equipments and tools will be kept in safe and secure storage based on the location wise.  Store Keeper close cooperate with the Logistics team will be responsible for any misuse, damages and Loss, the store keeper will have, Track record Registration, and Supply card which will be withdrawn any item from the store signed from the Logistics, he will submit a record report weekly based to avoid any misconduct, and also he will count and ensure materials due to deliver and before he/she sign the good receiving Report/ delivery note, the store keeper is responsible to control the materials and equipment in the storage due to delivery. (Material status reporting.)


EAG will strictly use the logistics Plan for packing, crating, and marking of shipping containers to ensure adequate protection and ready identification of materials and supplies through identification of proper source from the shipping areas and will also nominate a logistic person who will take care for the shipping issue and he will use a record of shipment (Expediting procedures.)and due to the reach of the destination, a logistics person also will take care to make receiving, cleaning and forwarding of the materials, in case we require we should delegate using a registered supplier in the port who will be sub-contracted for the clearing and forwarding based on the materials,(Customs clearances) respecting cost value and such work will include the; Shipping procedures (In/Out Country), which is a part of our Procurement Policy in general and specific we ensure to register the company outside as international or having a person who have a license and have accessibility to facilitate shipments from outside the country.

To Scheduling of critical materials, before delivery of any item/material or equipment, we will show a sample of the materials with specific manufacture and product information in three phases, product Information, Picture and Physical sampling. This will specially use the scheduling of critical materials, upon approve of the sample, we will process the purchasing and shipping to the site. Due to the logistics plan we try the best approach that we can achieve the anticipated goal.

N.B. The Logistics Plan can be edited, revise and review project based.



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