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Catering, Housekeeping & Maintenance

Catering, Housekeeping & Maintenance

The Primary services we provide, either separately or as a turn key package, are:

  • Catering services
  • Facilities Management
  • Camp Management
  • Hotel & Club Management
  • Catering related Consultancy
  • Offshore and Remote from immediate reach
  • Kitchen Design & Equipment
  • Housekeeping & Janitorial
  • Laundry Services
  • Landscaping
  • Maintenance

EAG Catering is one of the leading catering and related support services Companies in  Horn of Africa & Yemen.

In just a short period, EAG catering has become one of the leading independent catering companies in Horn of Africa & Yemen, serving over 33,000 meals per day in different businesses, Companies, Hotels, and Education sectors to whom we offer various catering packages.

Currently, we are proud to provide such service in Yemen to over 2,700 meals and related services to seismic and exploration companies. EAG Catering Services & Foodstuff has been awarded recently the foodservice & kitchen equipment maintenance contract from the prestigious Somali National Army (SNA)  in Somalia.

The Operation is set in a compound where over 100 multinational workforce, which includes offices and bases of the Somali National Army ( SNA ).EAG Catering Services & Foodstuff are combined with a multinational highly qualified team to manage and operate the catering and maintenance services on this demanding project.

A full balanced menu for both a la carte and buffet services is provided, with colorful and tasteful foods with multi-ethnic pallets.EAG Catering culture is one of pride in performance and integrity plus a level of commitment that comes from employee satisfaction and motivation.

Our professionals are dedicated to providing clients with value-focused service and results.EAG Catering seasoned Operations Managers, Project managers, Supervisors, Support services Managers, Technicians, and Executive Chefs are known for their leadership, applications of highest related standards and technology, and ability to achieve Clients’ highest satisfaction levels.

EAG Catering experienced in various projects, EAG Catering has earned a reputation for developing and using leading-edge concepts to solve challenging situations.Our standard is to incorporate skills developed in one industry into cost-effective solutions in others. This forward-leaning philosophy, coupled with the strongest commitment to learn, anticipate, and adapt to an everchanging set of client’s needs and desires, has enabled EAG Catering to establish and retain long-term client relationships.


The Primary services we provide, either separately or as a turn-key package, are:

  • Catering services
  • Facilities Management
  • Camp Management
  • Hotel & Club Management
  • Catering related Consultancy
  • Offshore and Remote from immediate reach
  • Kitchen Design & Equipment Supply
  • Housekeeping & Janitorial Services
  • Laundry service
  • Landscaping
  • Maintenance


  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Hospitals & Healthcare
  • Staff Facilities& Cafeterias
  • Educational & Training
  • Sports and Recreation Venues
  • Central Kitchens & Flight Catering
  • Government & Defence

Hotels & Restaurants

EAG Catering capabilities include the provision of services to Hotel & Restaurant operators in the kitchen, bar, laundry, waste, and back of house management.EAG Catering has sufficient resources to deliver catering and related services to a range of healthcare and welfare clients including facilities management to large hospitals.

Staff Facilities & Cafeterias

EAG Catering provides services of foodservice and amenities for employees including:

  • Industrial Canteens
  • Staff Bistro
  • Board room Facilities

Educational & Training

EAG Catering management has wide experience and a strong support team to cater to the demanding services of student and campus facilities.

Sports and recreation Venues

EAG catering is suitable to manage sports facilities and operating a wide range of public venues.


“EAG Catering finds the solutions that others miss”

Within Horn of Africa & Yemen wide presence, EAGCatering can deliver services on a sole supply or regional basis. Our objective is always to deliver customer satisfaction whilst participating in Clients’ commercial target achievements.EAG Catering is in the business of satisfying client’s needs with single, unified, all-inclusive complete service solutions.

We list below some of our key strengths for the successful execution of projects:

  1. a) Capabilities:

EAG Catering serves clients on a wide array of issues, regardless of the industry sector. Our capabilities have been developed through years of experience providing support solutions for the most difficult, fundamental catering and related problems facing our clients. Offering regional reach with local experience, EAG for Catering capabilities are focused on the issues most important to our clients.

  1. b) Local knowledge:

Extensive experience and capability in managing various projects locally, the technically qualified staff, and detailed knowledge required to successfully develop and implement various projects. Our staff members proposed to engage in a given project are carefully selected based on their maturity, experience, knowledge, and ability to effectively communicate and interact with our Customers.

  1. c) Technical Abilities:

A resource of highly qualified professionals unsurpassed in its depth of experience and knowledge. Such experience substantially sensitizes our team to the vigorous service demands of the

institutional and environmental demands.

  1. d) Team Approvals:

Our approach to various Projects focuses on working closely with the Client and the Staff using the facility to ensure the delivery effectiveness of the proposed services.

  1. e) Management Follow up:

EAG Catering management conducts regularly scheduled and surprise visits to sites and to the Client’s Management premises for the purpose of control and staff motivation. Consistency of standard levels is assessed and feedback reviews are undertaken.

  1. f) Quality and Choices

Quality control is carefully monitored through international standard norms, by our specialized personal in the various catering and related services requirements.

  1. g) Health & Safety:

Our primary focus is to protect our Business partners (Clients and Suppliers), our staff, and the environment. EAG Catering we utilize specialist environmental health and safety personnel, guided by local and internationally recognized laws and legislation, and developed in our policies. Thus, are regularly communicated through training programs to our entire team. Random specialist audits at the workplace subsequently ensure absolute compliance.

  1. h) Menu Planning and Healthy eating:

Based on our considerable experience of the variation in the requirements of different clients’ nationalities and status, we are able to offer a complete menu selection tailored to different specific situations.


EAG Catering focuses on our core business by providing world-class Catering and related services, allow our clients to concentrate on their core businesses.

  • ‘Can-do’ attitude
  • Have a passion for quality
  • Provide services beyond expectations
  • Win through teamwork
  • Share success
  • Be simply the best
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Excellent service delivery
  • Excellent Innovation activities
  • Excellent, Balanced food
  • Excellent motivated Personnel teams
  • Excellent long-term Clients partnership and trust
  • Excellent atmosphere and professionalism

At EAG Catering, we strongly believe in staff training and development and provide innovative learning opportunities to all our team members both at head office and in our operation units. We also maintain a strong teamwork ethic throughout the organization. EAG Catering provides an unmatched experience whatever your career goals. We strongly believe in Professional Career Development. Our people actively contribute to case teams at every level, and people are rewarded in accordance with their performance and contribution to team building, and team achievements while working individually.

A career path is our main scope to take people to the highest positions possible. For a potential opening in the near future, and to join a great winning team, please send in confidence your curriculum vitae.

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