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Ground Handling Services

Ground Handling Services

We are now an established company with capable and Professional staff in Several Zones of Somali Capital Towns such as: Mogadishu. Kismayo, Baidio, Baladwayne, Dhobley And Baladogle and other areas in Somalia

Our aim at EAG Ground Handling is simple We provide our customers with excellence in Ground Handling Services. Background Mission Ground Handling was established in 10/02/2002 to all a need for competitive ground handling services within the Somalia airport

To provide tailor-made solutions around the globe, for better customer experience.

Who We Are
We are now an established company with capable and Professional staff in Several Zones of Somali Capital Towns such as Mogadishu. Kismayo, Baidio, Baladwayne, Dhobley, And Baladogle and other areas in Somalia.

Mission Statement
To provide tailor-made solutions around the globe for better customer experience.
In order to achieve the goal of our mission, EAG is focused on consolidating and strengthening our market position to ensure we are constantly driving industry innovation in key areas such as service, quality, and reliability.

EAG is a people-focused organization without our people we simply cannot meet our goals and achieve our vision. As such, we focus on the principles of sustainability and compliance, living by the “Three Ps”: People, Professionalism, and Partnerships.The ongoing professional development of the people within the EAG family ensures that: We show respect towards our people and their values; we do not compromise on safety and work with enthusiasm and enjoyment.

We are pioneers; working constantly on achieving sustainable results, we creatively explore new options and improved solutions. Continually striving to exceed the expectations of our clients and our commitments, we deliver excellent service; in any place at any time.

Services Overview

Passenger Services

Airport Ticketing Sales Desk, Arrival and Transfer Services, Check-in Services, Dedicated Passenger Services, Gate Services, Lost and Found Services, Lounge Services, Special Passenger and VIP Services

Aircraft Servicing & Ramp Handling

Aircraft Loading/Unloading, Baggage Sorting, and Transportation, Cabin Cleaning, Crew Transport, De/Anti-Icing, GPU, Push-Back, Unit Load Device Control, Toilet, and Water Services Maintenance & operations of fuel systems, GSE Fuel Supplier/GSE Refuelling Services, Rental Car Fuelling Facility Management, Fuel Facility Construction Oversight, Fuel Facility Commissioning and start-up, Technical Audits and inspections, Catholic Protection Surveys,

Pipeline Management, Jet Fuel Certification, Fuel Consortium Financial Management, Deicing Services, Environmental Inspection and Monitoring Services.

Freight Handling (On/Off-Airport), Mail/Document Handling (Import/Export), Integrator Handling, Cargo Handling in a Third Party Facility, Freighter Ramp Services / Transportation Outsourced Hub Operations & Management, Network Handling Services (Off-Line), Call Centre and Airline Customer Services, Special Cargo Handling, Trucking Services/Warehousing.

Cargo Handling:

Custody, handling and delivery of the cargo at the cargo terminal.Document handling (Import/Export). Special cargo Handling. Warehousing.Mail Handling.Cargo acceptance and consolidation.

Building up and breakdown of ULD (Cargo Units).Inventory control.Trucks loading and unloading. Express Cargo Service. Dangerous good handling.

Operations and Load Control:

Assistance throughout the stopover of the aircraft through a specialized agent. Ground to cockpit communication.
Walkout assistance. Load control. Weather brings. Flight operations assistance.
Ramp coordination (ramp agent).

Training & Compliance
EAG Ground Handling’s operational business is supported by 11 Certificate IV Workplace Training & Assessment qualified trainers who deliver and monitor operational standards at their respective ports. The modern and progressive methodology supports new age Low-Cost Carrier models.

Our company prides itself on working directly with its customers to ensure the highest quality and value is delivered at all times.

All EAG Ground Handling employees achieve the following minimum standards prior to engagement in the operating environment:

  • Manual Handling
  • Dangerous Goods Awareness
  • HOT II & Security Annex Six
  • Aircraft Load Awareness
  • OH&S
  • Ramp Safety Awareness
  • EEO
  • Ground Handling Security Introduction

Dynamic Flexibility
Sound parentage supports a young and dynamic management team. This, coupled with a progressive workplace agreement, enables EAG Ground Handling to mobilize quickly and effectively at any Somalia airport location.

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